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Featured article: Annual Reflection Brief, June 2020: Millions Learning Real-time Scaling Labs: Emerging findings and key insights – Brookings CUE

Read the Brookings Center for Universal Education’s new brief, “Millions Learning Real-time Scaling Labs: Emerging findings and key insights,” by Jenny Perlman Robinson, Molly Curtiss, and Patrick Hannahan. The brief includes an overview of the Real-time Scaling Labs–which includes the TPD@Scale Philippines’ Early Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (ELLN) Digital initiative–and a synthesis of learnings to date, persistent questions to explore, and plans for the work ahead. 

CUE takes a comparative case study approach by partnering with a local research institution to document, analyze, and recommend course corrections on the process of implementing, adapting, and scaling selected interventions.

An accompanying blog reflecting on scale and systems change in education has also been published.

Annual Reflection Brief Cover from Brookings CUE