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TPD@Scale Coalition Member

Fundación Ceibal

Fundacion Ceibal was created with the vision of establishing an autonomous body of national and international recognition to explore, create and promote excellence in research. The Foundation seeks to provide guidance to Ceibal Plan and other national and international educational actors in education and technology-related issues, both inside and outside the formal educational system.

To foster and support excellence in research projects that promote the development and use of scientific knowledge in topics that include social inclusion, education and technology.

Ceibal Foundation seeks

  • To increase support for exceptional research projects by providing funding mechanisms.
  • To promote and develop capacity-building in research in fields of knowledge that integrate social inclusion, education and technology.
  • To support the exchange with researchers in a wide variety of disciplines.
  • To support the development of analytical capabilities to increase the existing information and data generated by Ceibal Plan.
  • To provide training and lifelong learning opportunities for graduate students and audiences interested in creating links and international knowledge networks.