A Review of Emerging Digital Technologies for TPD@Scale

A follow-on to the ongoing TPD@Scale landscape review, and aligned with the research agenda emanating from that review, this study will examine emerging digital technologies to determine whether, how, and within what time frame these technologies may be employed in large-scale TPD to address three key issues that impact on effectiveness and efficiency at scale: 1) personalization of learning/differentiated instruction; 2) learner support; and 3) assessment for and of learning. The review will include but will not be limited to current platforms that are not yet mainstream, e.g., augmented and virtual reality; Internet-enabled technologies such as MOOCs; applications of artificial intelligence such as intelligent tutoring systems; and personalization technologies such as adaptive learning systems. It will estimate each technology’s level of maturity and its readiness for wide-scale deployment in the Global South. It will identify the learning objectives and strategies to which these technologies lend themselves best. Finally, the review will describe the underlying technical, human, other support structures that contribute to these technologies’ viability, effectiveness, and sustainability in developing country contexts.