Digital Learning Innovations Phase-2 (DLI-2)

Founded by Lebanese educators, the International Education Association (IEA) is a global nonprofit organization committed to enhancing K to 12 learning and teaching through the effective use of ICT. IEA introduces “learn-as-you-work” for teacher professional development (TPD), a blended approach of face-to-face TPD and continuous online learner support where daily practices are integrated without work disruption.

IEA’s project, Digital Learning Innovations Phase-2 (DLI-2), is a 36-month research project addressing low-quality teaching for underserved, refugees, marginalized and at-risk youth (ages 12 to 18, girls in particular), and host communities in post-conflict situations in Lebanon. Through the scaling and sustaining of Coder-Maker in schools, DLI-2 will build on the TPD model for STEAM education through transformative in-service professional development, taking off from the intervention tested in DLI-1. The project will be implemented by IEA in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in partnership with Mouna Bustros Foundation, and with parallel funding from Ford Foundation.