The Learning Toolkit+ (LTK+)

Photo courtesy of the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance

The Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance (CSLP), a provincial research centre hosted by Concordia University, has developed The Learning Toolkit+ (LTK+), a suite of educational software tools designed to support literacy, numeracy, self-regulation, and inquiry strategies, all essential skills for the 21 st century learner. The LTK+ is available without charge to educational institutions and partners across the globe, including North America, Australia, Asia, Africa, and the UK.

To ensure the effective implementation of the LTK+, the CSLP trains teachers on best practices for incorporating the tookit into their classroom teaching. This training is particularly important in countries such as Kenya where teachers face multiple challenges: large classes (80+ students), insufficient pre-service education, rudimentary technology infrastructure (for example, poor Internet access), and few opportunities for sustained teacher professional development (TPD).

To address this need, the CSLP is developing a set of interactive teacher training materials to be used for in-person, blended, and online TPD sessions. Teachers will initially receive training on ABRACADABRA, our web-based tool that supports the development of foundational early literacy skills. The training will eventually widen to include training on READS, our repository of electronic books; ePEARL, an electronic portfolio that can be used to deepen the learning of essential skills; and ELM, our Early Literacy in Mathematics tool.

The training materials will include videos, texts, demos, discussion questions, and other instructional materials, to help teachers effectively integrate the LTK+ into their classrooms.

The CSLP will draw on its partnerships and many years’ experience to create relevant, engaging TPD while also documenting and finding solutions for the issues of TPD at scale (i.e., across global contexts and for use with large numbers of teachers). The ultimate goal is the development and dissemination of an LTK+ teacher professional development program to be used globally.