TPD@Scale model of IT for Change

The TPD@Scale model of IT for Change has the following components:

  1. Establishing ICT infrastructure in schools and DIETs
  2. Teacher capacity building to integrate ICT in the following areas:
    • Digital literacy
    • Using generic and subject based FOSS applications for creation and revision of Open Educational Resources Subject teaching
    • Participating in virtual professional learning communities for CPD
  3. Development of the state Open Educational Resources repository; creation, revision and curation of Open Educational Resources and publishing on the state repository.
  4. Institutionalizing the program, this includes:
    • Embedding the program within the in-service teacher education program of the education department
    • Development of student ‘text book’ for ICT integration, covering both digital literacy and subject teaching, and teacher hand book, covering TPD and subject teaching.
    • Blended learning courses for teachers

PLC-OER model of TPD@Scale

The first component, establishing ICTinfrastructure is foundational to the program and also entirely the responsibility of the DSE. The fourth element is the longer term activity of ensuring the scalability and sustainability of the program.

Hence, the two active elements of this model are the second and third – establishing of ‘professional learning communities’ of teachers for CPD, and the creation and adoption of OER by the members of the PLCs. Each of the process of accessing, creating, revising, distributing and publishing OER, by itself supports TPD. Hence, the model is referred to as the ‘PLC-OER’ model of TPD.

PLC-OER Model (Source – Tool-kit)

The design and implementation of this model is discussed in detail in a tool-kit produced by IT for Change.