• Project Period: 2014 - Present
  • Project Site/s: People's Republic of China
  • Funding: Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China
  • Administration: X-Learning Center, PKU
Screenshot of the project website

In recent years, the X-Learning Center has undertaken more than ten research projects appointed by Peking University, Beijing, the Ministry of Education as well as the state, among which teachers’ professional development is an important scholarly interests. Up to now, the center has already produced four MOOCs with teachers as their main target audience including How to Make MOOCs, Pedagogy of Flipped Classroom, How Do Teachers Conduct Researches, and Improving Collaborative Learning.

Since 2014, “iCourses”, a higher-education curriculum resource sharing platform launched by Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, commissioned our X-Learning Center as the consulting and management team for the Enhancement of Teachers’ Teaching Ability Program. More than 40 related courses in four categories of pedagogy, ICT teaching, teacher competence, and ICT leadership have been selected, which totally received over 1,000,000 people selecting courses.