Teacher Learning Centres (TLCs) in Indonesia

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Project Status: Completed
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The research aims at portraying teachers’ professional development in a framework of the Teacher Learning Centre of Putera Sampoerna Foundation in an effort to achieve quality, equity, and efficiency in Indonesia. The harnessing of ICT in the TLC as an integral part of teachers professional development has been perceived as an effective tool to achieve equity. The study highlighted three key findings: First, PSF TLCs are able to contextualize the TPD modules to serve the various demands of teachers in their area. Second, PSF TLCs have adopted various technologies to serve the demands of TPD considering the geographical challenges in Indonesia. Hence, it increases efficiency. Third, is equal opportunity for teachers to obtain quality professional development regardless of their employment status (state and private) and age. Moreover, even though most participating teachers reported improvement in their professional skills, this study found that teachers’ employment status was the most determining factor in teachers’ impact perception: private-employed teachers reported a higher impact on their students’ engagement. However, the state-employed teachers perceived the PD resources as more satisfying than the private-employed teachers.

Project Objectives

(DIAGRAM) Schema of Teacher Learning Centres in Indonesia

(DIAGRAM) Schema of Teacher Learning Centres in Indonesia

Key Features

  • The master teachers that analyse the professional learning needs of teachers and design and implement professional development courses to meet their needs.
  • The TLC coordinators that manage the TLCs to support teacher professional development.
  • The professional learning communities that facilitate peer learning, sharing of promising practices and lessons learnt, and peer coaching and mentoring.
  • The needs-driven courses that are demand driven to address competency gaps of teachers.
  • ICT-mediated TPD that provides better access to quality professional development.