Teachers’ skills in Honduras in a year of transition and recovery: addressing the effects of the pandemic, natural disasters and social inequalities—Rosa María Moncada and Dante Castillo, SUMMA

At the beginning of the pandemic, Honduras launched its “We want you studying at home” campaign where teachers and students made an effort to continue with educational activities from home during heavy lockdown measures. Now at the end of the school year, the Ministry of Education proposed for November 2020 to February 2021 to be […]

Improvement Science as a way to build resilience—Dr. Paul Walley, The Open University

The Covid-19 crisis has given all educators worldwide a whole series of problems to solve.  Given the real-time nature of the issues solutions have needed to be found quickly, so that continuity of education is maintained (where possible) and where pupils do not lose too much of their educational opportunities.  In some cases the evidence base about […]

Learning Disrupted: Priorities for building teacher capacity at scale during COVID-19⁠—Worldreader

Covid-19 has significantly transformed teaching and learning practices globally. Parents have become co-teachers and students are often learning in isolation. In this time of transition and “building back better,” teachers will benefit from professional development and support in the following three areas: 1. Adapting pedagogical strategies When teachers are faced with the new challenge of […]