ESCAL.AR: Models for Teacher Professional Development in Initial Literacy in Argentina

Project Information
Project Status: In Progress
Implementing Organization
Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO), Sede Argentina


24 months



This research aims to discern ways to adapt and expand the existing Teacher Professional Development (TPD) in a hybrid format developed across three provinces—Córdoba, Misiones, and Salta—in order to extend its reach to regions and populations currently not covered by ongoing initiatives. This process is intended to establish a scalable TPD model rooted in schools, with a demonstrable impact on teaching practices.

Implementing a mixed research design, combining quantitative and qualitative methods, the study aims to analyze the characteristics of existing TPD programs and the scope of teachers working in diverse territories and contexts. The analysis intends to identify inequality gaps and evaluate conditions for scalability. It will examine the involved actors, including political leaders and teams from provincial education ministries, as well as accessibility conditions, the needs of recipients, and the pedagogical contribution of tutoring.