Scaling Steam+H TPD Through Teachers’ Local Adaptation in Lebanon

Project Information
Project Status: In Progress
Implementing Organization
Facultad International Education
Association (IEA)

18 months



This research utilizes design-based participatory research to explore how primary school teachers from different subject backgrounds adapt STEAM+H TPD within underserved school contexts in Lebanon. Based on adaptations and the insights generated into teachers’ agency, an analysis on  how STEAM+H TPD can be taken to scale in Lebanon and other educational contexts in crisis shall be implemented. The research addresses how to provide high quality, equitable, and sustainable enhanced professional learning opportunities for teachers, at national levels, in Lebanon. This research will contribute to the scaling debate by challenging traditional cascade models which undermine teacher agency and perpetuate reductionist approaches.

A participatory action research methodology in scaling an action-oriented TPD shall also be utilized. The approach will take a collaborative exploratory approach through a CoP with teachers while maintaining the engagement of CERD in the research. Methods will be qualitative. The approach to public engagement will be based on a power-interest model.