Educating for Well-Being: An Analysis of the Implementation of Systematic Preschool SEL in Mexico

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Project Status: In Progress
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Innovations for Poverty Action


18 months



The Educating for Well-being (EW) program is a rigorously evaluated, scalable professional development program for preschool educators and educational authorities in Mexico. Educators and principals engage in a rigorous Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) and well-being TPD program using a blended learning approach.

This research aims to examine how variations and adaptations emerge, and how these contextual variations help address inequities, and sustainability. 

Through a mixed methods approach that consists of document review, interviews, surveys, and classroom observation across three implementing states, the study seeks to document and disseminate rigorous, generalizable lessons for how to effectively and sustainably adapt large-scale teacher professional development programs across the world.