Care-centered Networked Improvement Communities (CC-NICs) for Schools Serving Displaced Afghan Students in Pakistan

Project Information
Project Status: In Progress
Implementing Organization
Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan and Area Study Centre, University of Peshawar

30 months



This research examines whether and how practicing care within networked improvement communities (NICs) utilizing the “plan, do, study, act” (PDSA) approach in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan facilitates knowledge exchange and self-reflection, continuous improvement in classroom practice, and the enabling and constraining factors that render the model scalable across refugee hosting communities in Pakistan and elsewhere. Of interest is whether and how these care-centered NICs constitute a scalable innovation. 

It adopts a mixed methods approach comprising a survey and narrative inquiry based interviews with a diverse sample of men and women participating in two cycles of in-service teacher professional development (TPD) integrated within care-centered NICs. Participants comprise teachers at schools located in UNHCR Refugee Villages (RVs) in Peshawar province. We will use virtual modalities to support NIC collaboration, connection and learning, and to promote a pedagogy of care in the teaching of refugee students.