Designing and Piloting An Equitable Whole School Approach to Quality TPD: Exploring Conditions And Support Needed To Succeed at Scale in Rwandan Lower Secondary Schools

Project Information
Project Status: In Progress
Implementing Organization
The British Council

30 months



This research aims to investigate the extent to which adaptations and localizations create the necessary and sufficient conditions for equitable access and participation for all teachers, especially women teachers (WTs) and teachers with disabilities (TWDs). It utilizes process evaluation to study adaptations as Secondary Teachers’ English Language Improvement in Rwanda (STELIR) is rolled out in successive cycles allowing for iterative feedback to programme stakeholders and STELIR leadership.

Initially focusing on localization at school level, a whole-school approach to quality TPD will be designed and piloted to help achieve equity of access and participation and also examine whether there is any ‘spillover’ of knowledge (Wolfenden, 2022) to wider staff.

The research findings will help inform the Ministry of Education of Rwanda’s goal of building the capacity of female teachers and managers as articulated in the Girls Education Policy (2008).