Assessing the Scale-Up of a Technology-supported, Government-led Teacher Professional Development Programme in Tanzania: Considering Issues of Equity, Agency, and Adaptation

Project Information
Project Status: In Progress
Implementing Organization
Aga Khan Foundation Tanzania


25 months



Continuous Education for in-service teachers. This research focuses on teachers’ equitable participation in government-led TPD program, on the effective implementation as the program expands, and on schools’ and individuals’ agency to localize the program to suit their contexts. 

This research assesses the scaling of Mafunzo Endelevu kwa Walimu Kazini (MEWAKA), including the program’s equity and flexibility for adaptation. The proposed mixed methods include focus groups, individual interviews, Community of Learning observations, classroom observations, and surveys alongside a range of innovative participatory methods involving stakeholders across all levels of the education system. 

The proposed study is a timely opportunity to follow MEWAKA’s expansion as it scales. It assesses the scale-up of a decentralized national TCPD program to generate insights for ensuring adequate localization, participation, and sustainability.