Empowering Teacher Activity Groups in Disadvantaged Areas: Enhancing Teachers’ Competencies for Competency-based Teaching and New Curriculum Implementation

Project Information
Project Status: In Progress
Implementing Organization
Vietnam National Institute of Educational Sciences

24 months



The aim of this study is to investigate strategies to strengthen teacher activity groups (TAGs) in order to support teachers in low-resource settings in implementing a new curriculum based on competency-based education principles. It aims to contribute to the understanding of how TAGs can effectively enhance the professional skills of educators in low-resource settings, preparing them for the implementation of competency-based curricula. 

A mixed-methods research design incorporating both quantitative and qualitative techniques will be employed in multiple stages, A literature review will be conducted to gain insights into the difficulties encountered by teachers in low-income communities and to identify successful approaches for empowering educators through activity groups. Focus group discussions, interviews, and a survey questionnaire will further contribute to understanding the challenges and necessary competencies faced by teachers, as well as their current competencies and professional development requirements.  TAGs will be formed with 1080 lower secondary school teachers from similar or neighboring low-income schools across three provinces in different regions of Vietnam, namely Thai Nguyen, Quang Binh, and Soc Trang during the action research phase.