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TPD@Scale Indonesia

Over the past decades, Indonesia has been able to improve access to education, but it has encountered challenges in raising its quality. For instance, over 50% of fifteen-year old Indonesians have not mastered basic skills in reading or mathematics.¹ Additional support is needed to address low levels of student readiness and motivation; teachers need to develop their capacity and accountability.

Indonesia has almost three million teachers. Competency standards are still not met, with pedagogy and school management as the major issues. This has resulted to 75% of the schools in Indonesia not meeting the national standards of education.

In response to this, the Putera Sampoerna Foundation – School Development Outreach (PSF-SDO) established the teacher learning centre (TLC) to address the challenges of teachers’ limited access to quality teacher professional development (TPD). Established in a kabupaten or regency (equivalent to a municipality), the TLC is a systematic and structured independent learning organization managed by teachers under the supervision of the local government. The TLC is able to plan, develop, and initiate programs to strengthen teacher competencies and build a robust professional learning community. Each TLC is intended to serve between 15,000 to 18,000 teachers in the regency. To date, PSF-SDO has built and continues to support 10 TLCs in Surabaya, Lumajang, Pasuruan, Karawang, Bojonegoro, Tuban, Kudus, Gowa, and Musi Banyuasin.

The Coalition for the Global South has partnered with PSF-SDO to document and improve the process of developing TLCs as the hub for TPD@Scale in Indonesia. The collaboration with the Coalition will explore ways of scaling the TLC model to more regencies and provinces across Indonesia.

About Putera Sampoerna Foundation

Established as a social organization, the Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) aims to assist in the development of Indonesia as a nation through education. In 2015, the organization was transformed into the first social business in country, where it has been working with partners and donors to make quality international education available to the greater Indonesian population.

Under PSF is Sampoerna University, which hosts the Putera Sampoerna Foundation School Development Outreach (PSF-SDO). The TLCs are a project of the SDO, which offers education development services to improve the quality of schools and provide larger access to teacher professional development. SDO facilitates collaboration between corporations and governments in solving the education challenges in Indonesia.

¹ Putera Sampoerna Foundation – School Development Outreach. (2019). Teacher learning centre (TLC): Harnessing the potential of ICT towards sustainable teachers professional development in Indonesia. Jakarta, Indonesia: Putera Sampoerna Foundation.