Featured article: Who’s ready to change? Tracking adaptations during scaling in education – Brookings CUE

Read the Brookings Center for Universal Education’s new article, “Who’s ready to change? Tracking adaptations during scaling in education” by Jenny Perlman Robinson and TPD@Scale Coalition Secretariat Director, Victoria Tinio. The article discusses how education initiatives adapt to changing environments, and it features Brookings CUE’s recently-published Adaptation Tracker. This tracker has been designed to support education practitioners to regularly plan for, document, and learn from adaptations in order to strengthen efforts to scale and sustain an initiative.

CUE also features the Philippine Department of Education’s implementation of the Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Digital at scale and the lessons learned in embedding improvement cycles to inform the ongoing adaptation and course correction of ELLN Digital implementation at the school level.

This article is a part of CUE’s education scaling-related resources series.

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