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Gusman Yahya
Director of PSF-School Development Outreach

Putera Sampoerna Foundation School Development Outreach

Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) is the first social business institution in Indonesia with a vision to produce Indonesia’s high-caliber future leaders who will contribute and bring positive changes to their respective communities. PSF believes that this vision can be achieved by honoring a strong commitment to providing affordable access to quality education. Introduced in February 2015, PSF focuses and strengthens its education pillar through Sampoerna Schools System – the first fully integrated education system in Indonesia, which offers an international quality education pathway from pre-kindergarten to university. PSF continues to serve as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) operator that is trusted by more than 800 government and private organizations in bringing success to their CSR programs. PSF has been internationally recognized for its  management quality system, as evidenced by its ISO 9001:2008 certificate. PSF is periodically audited by an independent international auditor. Its annual reports may be accessed via its website.