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Dante Castillo C.
Director of the Innovation Area

SUMMA (Laboratory of Education Research and Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean)

SUMMA is an Education Research and Innovation Laboratory for Latin America and the Caribbean. Based in Santiago, Chile, it was created in 2016 by the Inter-American Development Bank and Fundación Chile, with the support of the Education Ministries of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay. Since 2018, the Ministries of Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama have also joined SUMMA.

SUMMA works to promote, develop, and spread cutting-edge research aimed at addressing the main educational challenges in the region and promoting shared work agendas; to foster innovation in policies and practices; and to advance collaborative networks that allow the exchange between policy makers, researchers, innovators, and school communities.

SUMMA is the Coalition Regional Lead for Latin America and the Caribbean.